Welcome to Peony & Tiger Acupuncture

Are you a tired, working mama doing all the things? Is your digestion becoming increasingly problematic, along with anxiety and 3am meetings with yourself? If you want to get on top of your challenges and be the best you can be, maybe I can help.

Are you at the end of your tether trying to keep all your plates up in the air?

I’m guessing you’ve got to here because you’re ready to start getting on top of the game so you can be the superstar you know you are. And you know that a little mindset change or a walk around the block isn’t going to cut it (although it may help!).

But you don’t know how to make that a reality, and you’re feeling a bit miserable and stuck.

Well, I’m here to help you feel amazing and be the best you can be!

Hey there – I’m Sharon McVilly and I’m super passionate about helping superstar women like you get on top of their niggling health concerns, put anxiety to bed and feel on top of your game.

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