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You can make a large impact with small tweaks, and we are going to kick off the 5 Days to Awesome Natural Immunity by looking at hydration.

We know that we’re supposed to be drinking water everyday, and we know it’s a good idea – but did you know proper hydration helps immunity by:

* enabling your kidneys to flush out toxins
* assisting the production of lymph – the body’s bacteria removal system
* supporting melatonin production (this helps with sleep)
* assisting in the delivery of oxygen to cells

Let’s figure out how much water you actually need

Each person is different, there is no one size fits all. Your water intake depends on your weight and how much exercise you do.

Head over to the workbook and use the calculator to figure out how much water you should be drinking each day.

Do you struggle to drink water? Add something in it for flavour – a slice of lemon, lime or orange is nice; a head of lavender is interesting…in winter I actually like a cinnamon stick!

Got any questions?

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