About me

Thanks for stopping by – my name is Sharon McVilly and I’m an acupuncturist living in the Perth area. Read on if you would like to know a little about me!

At some point along the way during my last career as an accountant, I remember gazing off over the top of my computer realising that the thought of being an accountant for the rest of my life was soul destroying. I tried to salvage my career and work in different directions but there was no escaping it – I needed to do something that was going to make me get out of bed each morning excited to go to work! There began my journey with Chinese medicine and so it is my absolute good fortune and delight that each and every day I have the honour of helping people get better with Chinese medicine.

I know that you are discerning enough to realise that even though I’m not Chinese (really!), the fact that Chinese medicine is a peer-reviewed, rational body of knowledge means that it is a system that can be learnt. What’s more you can benefit from the knowledge of a health system that supports a large portion of the world’s population – and has for millennia.

I enjoy working with all types of conditions, however I have special interests in women’s health, fertility and anxiety + depression – and I delight in working with children. If you have any queries regarding how Chinese medicine might help, I am only too happy to have that conversation with you. It is my thought that your health needs will come first; to that end I am always happy to work with your GP or other health professional, as I believe that each modality has their strengths and challenges; that mainstream medicine and Chinese medicine can and should work together.