Neck and shoulder pain

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Neck pain is a pain in the neck….

Neck pain can be categorised in many different ways, however it is commonly thought of as either acute (lasts for less than six weeks) or chronic (doesn’t seem to go away). Additionally, neck pain can be specific or non-specific.

Specific causes of neck pain are diagnosed by your GP or other health professional after considering imaging tests and other information. Types of specific causes of neck pain are things like arthritis or inflammation in the neck, scoliosis or a whiplash injury. Interestingly, only 15% of neck pain can be attributed to a specific cause.

Non-specific neck pain therefore makes up the majority of pain experienced. Caused by such things as sleeping the wrong way or not being rugged up in cold weather, this type of neck pain usually rights itself within a few weeks. The affect of neck pain may cause severe limitations on the ability of those who are suffering to go about their daily life, and unfortunately, Western medicine does not have an answer for non-specific neck pain outside of take it easy, do some gentle neck stretches, and take an anti-inflammatory and/or some paracetamol.

Acupuncture, on the other hand, is excellent at treating neck and shoulder pain.

Acupuncture, on the other hand, is excellent at treating neck and shoulder pain. Whether it is reducing the pain from a specific neck pain problem such as whiplash or inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis, or completely removing the pain in the case of non-specific neck pain, you can expect fast-acting results with acupuncture.

Generally you would need to consider coming to acupuncture sessions twice weekly for at least two weeks, possibly three – however you should see immediate results in your first session. Give your liver and stomach a break from the medication, and get some acupuncture done.

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