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The words preventative health are so dry and boring, sort of like “learn your algebra, you’ll use it later in life”. Wouldn’t you agree? And yet, those two words go to the very heart of Chinese medicine.

Yang Sheng (loose translation: nourishing life) was a type of ancient wellness or self-care that looked at lifestyle, food, exercise, and mindfulness in doing your best to ensure good health and longevity. You see, hundreds of years ago, in rural China, you paid the local physician a retainer but only if you were well – it was their job to keep you healthy! You didn’t pay if you got sick.

​I can’t imagine that concept working in our modern-era style of medicine, however preventative health (or, wellness if you’re a bit new age) is playing an increasingly bigger part of people’s overall health picture. In fact the protagonist in the book “The Story of a Doctor’s Telephone” by Ellen Firebaugh, the doctor says:

​”I believe in preventive medicine,” said the doctor, “and mending broken steps and removing banana peeling belong to it.”

Ellen Firebaugh

​And that is exactly in a banana peel – I mean, a nutshell – what preventative health is. Removing the obvious things that might cause you to come unstuck. Making sure your body has all the nutrients and movement it needs, nurturing your mind, doing the things that make your heart sing and making sure you mend your broken steps.

​What are you doing to ensure your wellness? What is your health plan? If you’re not quite sure what to do or where to start, start with building up your immune system.

By virtue of doing all the things you need to do for a good healthy immune system, you will naturally find your health heading to a better place too.

How do you build your immune system naturally? So glad you asked – you can start here with the importance of hydration!