The necessi-teas of life – part 1

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I really like tea. There isn’t a day that goes past when I haven’t drunk many cups of tea. It starts in the morning, and the day just doesn’t seem finished until my cup of tea before bed. Tea just makes everything better! Only tea drinkers will understand the sentiment…

If you love tea like I do, then you may be delighted to know that a pillar of Chinese medicine is dietary therapy, and an important part of this is tea.

“A daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary” – Chinese proverb

Remember to use quality teas and herbal ingredients, organic if you can. If you aren’t sure where you can source your herbs I have included two links below where you can buy online. Choose yourself a tea cup; I have a few depending on my mood. My everyday cup is about 13 years old, and has chips missing out of it and looks a little bashed up – but it’s my favourite! When I’m feeling a bit special I like to get out my “proper” tea cup and saucer.


Winter is the perfect time to start your tea ritual – try these simple herbal tea blends. Each tea serves one, double it if you have company!! I use a tea strainer like this one from T2 and often re-use the herbs or flowers for a second brewing.

Chamomile and Lavender tea

2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers

1 teaspoon of lavender flowers

Bring your kettle to the boil, then let it cool slightly. Pour the hot water over your flowers and let it steep for up to 10 minutes.

Enjoy this tea at night. Chamomile encourages a good night’s sleep and may help ease a busy mind. Lavender promotes relaxation and may help with indigestion.


Afternoon Struggle Street tea

2 teaspoons of nettle leaves

1 teaspoon rose-hips

½ teaspoon of cinnamon chips

Bring your kettle to the boil, pour over the herbs and let it steep for at least 15 minutes.

Take this tea when you are feeling tired and run down, or needing to pick your iron levels up. Nettle leaves are a good source of iron, and rose-hips are packed with vitamin C which helps with the absorption of iron. Cinnamon chips will warm your belly up and may help reduce inflammation.

I hope you enjoy your tea!

Organic herbs for teas can be bought online here:

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